Accounting Articles

accounting articles

Virtually every business needs an accountant or the services of an external accounting firm, and even the average person has reasons to hire an accountant from time to time. As long as people need help with taxes and businesses exist, there will be a need for accountants. Journal of Accountancy is an authoritative and very popular publication for professional accountants and CPAs. Readers who enjoy the Journal of Accountancy consist of finance professionals, students, CEOs, CFOs, CPAs and professional accountants.

accounting articles

In addition to having many great business articles aimed at accountants, it also gives readers the opportunity to submit their own stories. In the article, McCann writes about a study revealing that business executives’ expertise in accounting can negatively impact the accuracy of financial reporting. The study found that executives may use their experience in accounting to hide misstatements; their supposed credibility allows them to pass off misreporting as accurate. In summary, accounting experience can just as easily subvert accurate financial reporting as it can strengthen. Edited by CPAs for CPAs, it aims to provide accounting and other financial professionals with the information and analysis they need to succeed in today’s business environment.

Cost Basis Defined: The Ultimate 101 Guide

Rasmussen University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Now that you’ve got a better grasp of the pros and cons of an accounting career, take the time to evaluate whether this is the field for you. If the pros are outweighing the cons, you might want to take a closer look at how to prepare yourself for a job in this field. These negative experiences have a lot to do with where an accountant works and the specifics of their roles. It’s a safe bet to say, the more important your position is and the more money you work with, the more pressure you will face on the job. But whether that pressure results in higher levels of stress depends on your personality.

accounting articles

Discuss how they can help keep debt to a minimum and preserve a clean, efficient record. Such as applying for funding and business loans and practicing good bookkeeping. This paper seeks to understand and provide evidence on the characteristics of emerging accounting standards for sustainability information. If you choose to pursue an accounting degree, you’ll have a pretty solid idea of where your career will take you. Though there are different types of accountants in the field, the duties you’ll have and the skills you’ll use will be generally the same, meaning you know what you’re signing up for.

The Secret to a Successful Startup? Focus on Accurate Financial Records

A CFO’s responsibilities have evolved significantly over the years. The strategic aspects in particular have become more prominent than ever, requiring the ability to provide insights, predictions and recommendations to guide the business and help it reach its goals. Here are the signs a CFO is a true advisor to the business, and how CFOs can get to this ideal CFO of the future. A business’s economic liabilities is not a topic often discussed — even less so when they’re ones that GAAP doesn’t require you to present. But the five unrecorded liabilities we dive into in this article can help you understand what you need to know and what to do to resolve these liabilities. From tips on getting to a faster month-end close, to updates on regulations, to advice on mitigating the risk of fraud, we’ve written about a range of important issues affecting your accounting department.

  • This study also documents what investors believe will be important ESG styles in the future.
  • If you choose to pursue an accounting degree, you’ll have a pretty solid idea of where your career will take you.
  • Think of it like shopping for a new car—some people seek dependability and safety while others crave performance and speed.
  • Keep your business efficient and productive with our thorough guides to inventory management.
  • If they are relevant to your development needs, they can contribute to your verifiable CPD.

The new book, ‚Start Your Own Pet Business,‘ explains how to manage critter-based cash flow. Slow-paying employee reimbursements can lead to resentment, fraud and lost opportunities. Take these simple steps to pay employees quickly and keep your business on track. EY promotes 966 to partner globally; Baker Tilly admits 44 partners; and more news from around the accounting profession. EY names vice chairs of Americas assurance and professional practice group; Clark Schaefer Hackett appoints next CIO; and more news from around the profession.

Key Financial Controls for Small Businesses

Employment impact-weighted accounting statements quantify the positive and negative effects of firm practices for employees and the broader labor community. This analysis of companies in different sectors shows how these statements are beneficial both at an aggregate and more specific level. Try to honestly assess your attitude toward pressure and heavy bookkeeping for startups workloads. If you don’t stress easy or don’t mind being a little high-strung, working as an accountant might not bother you. If you know you’re easily frazzled, it’s possible that an accounting career isn’t the ideal choice for you. If you’re struggling to think of one, there’s a reason for that—accounting isn’t usually seen as a “glamorous” field.

accounting articles

Discuss the accounting software available today and how it can help businesses streamline their processes. Despite the name, readers do not have to be CPAs to enjoy reading The CPA Journal. It’s a journal that’s helpful and interesting for anyone working in the financial industry, whether as an accountant, CFO, or an auditor. The CPA Journal covers topics like finance, taxation, and auditing. Readers can also read older articles through the journal’s archive.

Construction Accounting 101: Expert Guide for Contractors

This paper introduces a framework to investors and researchers interested in accounting-based valuation. The framework connects expected stock returns to accounting valuation anchors. It can be generalized to evaluate an enterprise’s expected returns, and can be adapted to correct for the use of stale accounting data. The new accounting standard provides greater transparency but requires wide-ranging data gathering.

  • It’s a journal that’s helpful and interesting for anyone working in the financial industry, whether as an accountant, CFO, or an auditor.
  • RER changes have different impacts depending on the export and import orientation of regions and the prevalence of credit constraints.
  • Once you understand the possible pros and cons of an accounting career, you can make an informed decision.
  • Do you ever feel that despite your best efforts, the business objectives of your accounting firm remain elusive?
  • Reading financial publications can be very helpful to accountants, auditors and individuals working in the finance industry.
  • Learn more about a few of the perks you can expect by pursuing this profession.

Reading financial publications can be very helpful to accountants, auditors and individuals working in the finance industry. Financial laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it’s important that these professionals be aware of the new laws and stay abreast of new accounting trends and practices. With so many financial publications and websites out there today, it’s often hard to know which ones are must-reads and which ones are not. Here are 5 publications accounting professionals should read regularly.

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